Positions of Responsibility are leadership roles that Scouts perform. Some of them are appropriate for advancing to Star, Life, and Eagle Scout ranks.

Position of Responsibility qualifies advancement for:
image: Eagle_icon19.jpg = Star, Life, and Eagle ranks
image: Life_icon19.jpg = Star and Life ranks only
image: Venturining_silver_icon20.jpg = Venturing Gold and Silver Awards

In order to advance to the rank of Star, Life, and Eagle Scout, you must hold one of the following leadership positions for a certain amount of time.
For Star, you must hold one of these positions for 4 months or more and for Life and Eagle you must hold them for 6 months or more.

TROOP 874 Positions
David Ayala Scoutmaster
Mark Cerney ASM
Gilbert Guerra ASM
Robert Robledo ASM
SPL Truman Cerney
ASPL/Scribe Jacob Guerra
Chaplain Aide/Webmaster Truman Cerney
PL/quartermaster Elan Harrell
Troop Guide Josias Guerra
OA Rep/Bugler Matt Ayala
Librarian Sebastian Olivo
Historian Noah Buerstetta
Secretary Jonathan Guerra


Troop 874 Bonita, California